Investor FAQs

Do I need to be very wealthy to be an investor?
It is often thought that you have to be very wealthy to be an angel investor, but in fact many individuals invest from around £10,000 in any one company, although some angels invest much more. However, your money is tied up for several years so it must be money outside your normal finance needs.

How much do I need to invest?
Business angels would generally invest between £10,000 and £750,000 in any one investment. Investments are made in return for an equity share in the business. Most Angels investors will take a portfolio approach and invest in more than one company to give a spread of opportunities to diversify their risks.

As well as investing money, business angels can also bring valuable know-how, contacts, and experience to the businesses in which they invest.

What is a syndicate, lead angel, archangel?
Angels often invest as part of a group called a 'syndicate'. One investor will generally act as a Lead Investor, sometimes referred to as 'archangel', and will act on behalf of the syndicate. The vast majority of investments are made up of syndicates of investors.

Which companies do Business Angels usually invest in?
Business angels invest across most industry sectors and stages of business development, but especially in early and expansion-stage businesses.

Can I get Tax Relief?
Yes. All companies we select for the Angels in the City programme are EIS/SEIS eligible. Please visit for more information.

How much does it cost to become an Angels in the City investor or attend a workshop/presentation event?
Angels in the City is co-funded by ERDF, Lloyds, The City of London, and LBA. It is free for you to attend Angels in the City workshops and presentation events. However, Angels in the City company presentation events are regulated by FSMA and in order to attend these events you will be asked to confirm that you are either a "certified high net worth individual", "self-certified sophisticated investor", or a "certified sophisticated investor". (Declaration forms provided upon request)

As Angels in the City events are highly anticipated and spaces are limited, we strongly recommend that you RSVP in time to reserve your place. For upcoming events please visit our Events section.

Do I need to attend Angels in the City Investor Workshops before I can attend the Company Presentation event?
It is not necessary, although we highly recommend that you do. Either you are a new investor or have already made several investments previously, we believe that these workshops can bring additional value and information. We have had many highly experienced angel investors attending our workshops who have always found something new and useful for themselves. In addition, we usually have many guest speakers, who are highly valued specialists in their industry at these events who can address your specific questions in different areas.


If you have any further questions, please contact us.