Working with Angels in the City

Helping London’s tech entrepreneurs access the capital needed to accelerate their growth

London has one of the pre-eminent start up communities in the world and is home to many exciting early stage companies. One of the major barriers to these companies being able to achieve their full potential is access to investment and expertise and advice. The angels in the city programme provides a platform for a selection of these companies to present their opportunities to individuals from financial institutions in the city who have been through the angels in the city investor workshops and have an interest in making early stage investments.

Every 3 months as part of the Angels in the City initiative, an entrepreneurs’ pitching event takes place at a central London location at which typically 10 London based digital entrepreneurs present their investment opportunity to the angels in the city investment community and others. Typically 40-50 investors attend these sessions.

Angels in the City invites applications from London based tech entrepreneurs to participate in one of the series of entrepreneur pitching events. Whilst this is a competitive process, companies that best meet the criteria below will stand the best chance of being selected.  Please click here to submit an application (link to submit an application).  Importantly there are absolutely no upfront costs to engage with the initiative.

Investment Criteria


  1. UK Registered Company with a base in the City of London or one of its neighbouring London boroughs: Camden, Islington, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Lambeth, Southwark, or Westminster.
  2. Eligible for EIS/SEIS tax relief. This is essential – please visit to find out if your business qualifies
  3. Seeking between £100k to £500k. Companies seeking £150k under SEIS are especially welcomed
  4. Most stages/sectors considered. Apart from property and film/events.  Early stage/seed digital opportunities especially welcomed
  5. Committed Management Team
  6. High growth and scalable business with the potential for explosive growth
  7. Sustainable Competitive advantage
  8. Seeking an exit in the medium term

 We look forward to hearing from you - submit an application here



“For tech entrepreneurs in the UK, getting early-stage investment is a difficult process, especially compared to Sillicon Valley, and Angels in the City really delivered for us when we needed it."

Raoul Tawadey
CEO of Readwave